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Welcome to Highway Truck Gernal Trading L.L.C.

Highway Truck General Trdg. L.L.C. is a leading partner to the automotive original-equipment and replacement parts market in the Middle East With diverse interests in Automotive Products and Services. A reliable single source for all parts any Vehicles and related services.

Established in 1992, HIGHWAY Truck General Trading LLC has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of all kinds of automobile spare parts to many African, Middle East, and Russia. Our showrooms are located in the heart of Dubai’s main business district near Al Nasr Square and others in Makhtom Street, the company has a wide range of products to meet the varying demands of its vast clientele across the world. Customers looking for a reliable source for any type of auto spare parts will be impressed by the comprehensive range of products in the company’s inventory.

Some of the popular products in stock with HIGHWAY Truck General Trading include RIK Piston Ring, TAIHO Engine Bearing, NPW Water Pump, KYOSAN Fuel Pump, NAPCO Carburetor Kit, SUN Timing Belt, HKT Glow Plug, FIC Hydraulic Brake Service Parts, UZUME Piston & Liner, ERISTIC Gasket, THG Gasket, DEPO Auto Lamp, LUCID Auto lamp

Also HIGHWAY Truck General Trading is sole distributor for GRM Piston, Liner And Gasket, DIAMOND Shock Absorbers, Not to mention a wide variety of clutch plates, clutch covers and disc rotors. The vast range of automobile spare parts available at HIGHWAY Truck General Trading covers almost all major Japanese and Korean automobiles and are extremely popular with African customers because of our competitive prices brands and high quality.

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truck spare parts company highway grm
truck spare parts company

HIGHWAY Truck General Trading has been exporting various kinds of automobile spare parts to many African countries like Ghana, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Mali. “We have been able to build a loyal and satisfied clientele in Africa because of our various brands, high quality and low prices of our goods,” says Mohd Ibrahem, Director of HIGHWAY Truck General Trading LLC.

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